Welcome to the all new Cultjobs!

10 years and over 4000 jobs later, we decided to make the switch to a brand new platform to better serve employers and job seekers.

If you’re wondering what happened to the Culturepush Job Board, we explain it here. Read on to find out how we’ve grown over the last decade, our plans for the future and more.

In this post, we share:

How it all began

In 2007, while we were shaping Culturepush to be the website championing young creative talent in Singapore, we noticed a gap when it came to finding creative jobs. You either waded through a bunch of generalist job sites or relied on good ‘ol word of mouth.

Culturepush Job Board screenshot

Thus, the Culturepush Job Board was born. It was small, simple and free for anyone to advertise a creative job opportunity. Built using a very basic WordPress template, it wasn’t sleek in any shape or form, but it got the job done.

How we grew

Despite the lack of functionality, and without any advertising or promotion, the Culturepush Job Board grew steadily in popularity.

Here’s a snapshot of how many jobs we’ve posted annually over 10 years:

Graph illustrating the Culturepush Job Board's growth.

  • 2007: 14 jobs (we started in November)
  • 2008: 57 jobs
  • 2009: 37 jobs
  • 2010: 87 jobs
  • 2011: 123 jobs
  • 2012: 203 jobs
  • 2013: 448 jobs
  • 2014: 779 jobs
  • 2015: 1,161 jobs
  • 2016: 1,399 jobs

Pretty cool, right? We lost a couple of records over the years, but this is a good overview. Only by comparing the numbers did we realise how big a resource it has become for employers and creative job seekers.

It also revealed something else.

Working smarter, not harder

In 2016, we posted 1399 jobs, or 116 a month.

Managing the job board was starting to take up a big chunk of our day. It wasn’t a complicated operation, but it demanded time: responding to emails, doing up the post on WordPress, sharing it on our social channels, etc.

What was originally meant to be a free and simple resource had turned into something much bigger than we’d ever imagined.

We desperately needed a better solution.

We looked at several new and shiny WordPress themes. All were Rolls-Royces compared to our beat up Daihatsu, but there was always something missing in the user experience for both employers and job seekers.

Hence, we invested (using real money) in the non-Wordpress platform you see now.

Cultjobs screenshot

What it offers:

  • Search functionality (finally!)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Free email alerts for job seekers
  • Employer dashboard to manage job listings
  • Customisable company profile pages

We’re still tweaking little things here and there, but it’s ready to go. Try it out!

What’s in a name?

With a shiny new platform in place, we decided to give the new job board its own URL and name. Shortening the Culturepush Job Board to Cultjobs seemed like a no brainer. And we doubt anyone’s really going to think that we are helping cults in their human resourcing.

Just to be safe: no, we are strictly a job portal for creative jobs and companies in Singapore.

Cultjobs logo

The logo was done by a designer we’d previously featured on Culturepush. We hope you dig it as much as we do.

The future of Cultjobs & moving to a paid model

Our plans are to grow and develop Cultjobs and make it the first port of call for creative employers and job seekers. It kinda already is—we rank top 5 in Google search results for ‘creative jobs in Singapore’.

Nevertheless, our new mission is to connect more employers with creative talent locally and get people hired. To do that, we need to invest time and money so that we can:

  1. Reach out to employers who haven’t heard of Cultjobs;
  2. Promote Cultjobs to a bigger pool of talent;
  3. Produce articles and guides on the creative job application process;
  4. Add more features to the platform

Hence, we have made the decision to charge employers to advertise from 1 April 2017. Internships will remain free to post because helping young talent get experience and exposure will always be our core mission.

It is still free to post job listings now, and we will be announcing our price plans very soon. This may not be the best news for those who have relied on the free board to find talent, but we promise that our prices will be competitive with the mass boards in the market.

If you’re an employer, we invite you to set up a free employer account now, so we can offer you an early bird discount when 1 April rolls around.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email at [email protected].


To wrap up this long post, we thought we’d share three random things about the Culturepush Job Board over the last 10 years.

First job ever posted: a graphic designer role at the Asian Food Channel

An OMG moment: when Google advertised for a mobile designer in 2011

The moment it hits us that we are doing something worthwhile: when people we meet tell us that they found jobs through the Culturepush Job Board that kickstarted their careers.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ll love the new Cultjobs.